Anno Tasted Recipes

Anno Tasted Recipes | A Name That’s Full of Flavor

Ann came to me one day with a special request for a very special project. She had decided, on the down low, to compile all her family’s handed-down recipes and give them as gifts for Mother’s Day.

She had the recipes and the design skills to develop the custom recipe cards. But she needed the perfect name.

We began the naming project by using an abbreviated form of my naming process. Part of the Q&A revealed that Ann’s nickname is “Anno,” and we decided to play on that inspiration for a subset of possible names for her recipe card collection. In addition to the recipes, Ann planned to include extra notes or family history, a.k.a. annotations.

“Anno” + “annotation” led us to “annotated,” and soon “Anno Tasted” was hot out of the oven. The cards were a hit with the whole family.

Anno Tasted recipe cards

All of the title cards + the first three recipes are officially printed. Thanks for the awesome title!” — Ann P.

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