Codeworthy | A Company Rebranded

Kelli still loved what she did for a living, which is building amazing websites for amazing people. And she also still loved being a solopreneur and building the business of her dreams.

But after six years, she realized that she had fallen out of love with the brand she was in.

Over pizza and a coke one day, we talked about how she felt her current branding just didn’t fit her anymore because she’d grown so much since the early days—kind of like a once-favorite pair of jeans back in high school.

She had thought about a rebrand, but because she didn’t know where to start, the idea felt overwhelming. That’s when I said: “I could totally help you with that.” And off we went.

  1. We first started with developing her Brand Drivers so that we both understood the reputation and personality that makes her company unique.
  2. Then we went through a custom naming exercise to find a name that embodied all her uniqueness.
  3. We then worked with amazing designer Mona Pennypacker of Acorn CS to develop a one-of-a-kind logo.
  4. Next we put together a website content strategy based on her business goals.
  5. And finally, we designed a rebrand launch strategy that felt 100% her.

Codeworthy logo

One of the most rewarding things I get to do is come alongside small business owners and help them realize how unique and valuable they are. And Kelli is now in a brand that she loves and that she feels represents her 100%.

While some things have changed to reflect my company’s growth, the things I love will always remain the same. And now I’ve found that connection with my branding that had been lost.” — Kelli Wallace, Codeworthy

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