SkipUse Microservice

SkipUse | A New Brand At Your Service

SkipUse is a microservice that provides popularity-ordered data and content for improving consumer experience based on the concept of “skipping it” or “using it.”

As a new brand, SkipUse needed to go through the basics of understanding their own brand and develop a logo that presented themselves accurately to the world. Their goals for their logo were to create a corporate-style logo that could be easily interpreted and understood and would also work with the existing microservice development design.

I came alongside SkipUse to guide them in brand development and develop a logo that fit with their on- and off-line needs.

SkipUse full logo design
SkipUse full logo design with logo and wordmark


SkipUse logo only
SkipUse logo only for use with social media and as a favicon


SkipUse logo at the top of the login portal
SkipUse logo placed at the top of the microservice’s login portal


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