3 Tips For Filling Your Social Media Calendar

Rebecca’s Top 3 Goal-Driven-Lazy-Person Tips for Filling Your Social Media Calendar

One of the most common marketing requests I get (which I also decline) is to manage someone’s social media accounts. And I’m not alone.

99% (not a real stat) of the marketers I know do not want to be a social media manager, and there are so many reasons why. I won’t be addressing those reasons here because that’s a discussion best served with a side of something over ice.

You’re here because you want those three tips I teased about to help you fill your social media calendar. You got it.

1. Harvest from your own newsletter

Does your brand craft and send regular newsletters? These are a goldmine, my friend!

At first, you might be hesitant to do this because it feels like this is against the rules. But this is marketing, and rules are meant to be broken … especially when you’re exhausted and have 12 other things on your to-do list but you still haven’t posted on Facebook this week. (This example seems oddly specific so we’ll simply ignore that and move on.)

  • After your monthly (or otherwise) newsletter goes out, look it over with a social-media eye to see if you can reshare any of the content in your feeds.
  • Your social post could be presented exactly as it is in the newsletter or in a slightly different way, depending on the audience and channel.
  • Not everyone gets your newsletter, but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t benefit from this content, too. And if it feels right, you could add a P.S. that says something like: “This was recently shared in our newsletter, so sign up for more content like this!” (Pre-written social posts + potentially new email subscribers? Win-win!)

2. Stalk your team (in a nice way).

Your teammates are an extension of your company’s brand. And their online activity can help showcase the type of people that make up your company culture.

Bonus: It also shows that your brand is actually interested in those who work for them and not just sales. Go figure.

  • Follow all teammates wherever they post public, personal updates.
  • These are great places to find team updates and pics that your clients and community will eat up. (They are humans, after all, and they probably like knowing your brand is made up of real humans, too.)
  • For teams I’ve worked with, the policy is if they share something on a public account, then they’ve given us permission to share it as well, unless they say otherwise. (Disclaimer: Pics of kiddos, though, are never shared.)

3. Divvy up those blog posts.

One of my favorite things to do is break up blog posts into multiple social media posts. It almost reads like a short story!

And people loooooove tips, especially snackable, shareable ones. This content is already written, so why not repurpose it? I betcha there are some amazing one-off tips that can be shared with a helpful tip graphic.

  • You could create a graphics template you use for all tips, which would make creating these graphics that much easier.
  • These posts could fill a social sharing slot each month for quite some time. And if the tips are evergreen? Hoo-wee-baby, you could have posts all year long.
  • This not only gives your post multiple lives, but it could drive additional traffic to your site.

There are tons of clever content repurposing tips out there to help fill your social media calendar, but these are the ones I share most often with my clients because they typically have one or more of these content streams: newsletter, teammates or a blog.

If you don’t have any of these things because you’re a solopreneur and/or your marketing strategy is non-traditional (like mine), no need to fear.

There are still plenty of clever ways to fill your social media calendar. It just takes a little creative thinking, which is the absolute fun part. 🙂


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