Pinterest Exercise For Logo Design

Before Creating Your New Logo, Do This Pinterest Exercise First

One of the most fun projects I get to do in my line of work is to help smaller brands with their new logos. There’s just something about having a logo you love that makes you feel seen (and legit).

Since my specialty areas when it comes to branding fall in line with discovery work, copywriting and creative direction, I always partner with super skilled designers for logo design. This allows allows each of us to do what we do best (and my clients don’t have to spend the extra time directing things).

However, since my clients tend to be smaller, there isn’t always the budget to have two people on the logo design job, which is totally a-okay! Regardless of my involvement, I still like to offer a bit o’ advice to set clients on the path towards success—before they work with a designer.

Which brings us to my fave discovery exercise for logo design projects (new and redesigns).

Why do I love this Pinterest exercise so much?

  • I’ve found that reviewing Pinterest pin boards of logos that speak to you helps immensely at the beginning of a logo design project.
  • This exercise not only validates what kind of logo design you’re hoping for (and how you want it to make you feel), but it also helps show the designer (vs. tell) what you’ve got in mind.

Intrigued yet? I hope so! This exercise is fun and relatively simple to do on your own. And it can be incredibly addictive (if you’re a Pinterest lover).

Pinterest Exercise (estimated time: 1 hour)

The goal of this exercise is to look at a bunch of logo designs and select 8-10 logos that you’re drawn to (and a few you’re not drawn to).

You don’t have to know why you like or dislike them. Simply knowing how you feel about them is a great start and will help you to (eventually) identify patterns.

Step 1: Review pin boards

Review the logos and brand marks in the Pinterest pin boards below. You can also branch out and check out other boards or resources if you’d like.

Step 2: Select logos

Identify 8-10 logos that you like (and a few that you dislike). Jot down the URLs to these logos or take a screenshot of each.

Step 3: Identify patterns

Place all the logos in one document as screenshots (or display on a screen in front of you) so you can look at them all at once. Or if you’re already a Pinterest pro, create your own private pin board and save these logos there.

Identify the elements that the logos you like have in common: colors, treatments, how they make you feel, font styles, etc.

Pro Tip: If you’ve also noted design elements you don’t like, jot those down, too! Those insights are incredibly valuable to share with your logo designer so that they know what not to explore for you.

Step 4: Share with your designer

Before you begin any design work with your designer, share your document and notes (or pin board) or links to the logos with your notes with them as part of the discovery process.

Pro tip: Also share any other other brand discovery with your designer, including: Brand Drivers, elevator pitches, purpose statement, color palettes (if available), sources of inspiration, etc. The more discovery they have, the better the first round of design will be!


 Want more resources? Of course you do!