What We Do

Brand Development

Most individuals and small businesses don’t have the budget to do extensive brand development. We offer streamlined brand development experiences that help you understand your own brand and how you want others to see you.

  • Brand Drivers
  • Logo design
  • Purpose statements
  • Taglines
  • Naming projects

Brainstorming & Namestorming

Sometimes that blank canvas is enough to drive you batty. Fortunately, some of us consider that void of ideas a personal challenge. Gimme!

Writing & Editing

We love anything with words … especially if character limits are involved.

  • Marketing copywriting
  • Website and microcopy
  • Recommendations & testimonials
  • Campaign-related social media posts
  • Newsletter and email drafts

Creative Strategy

  • Content strategies
  • Marketing and launch campaigns
  • Social media and email marketing strategies
  • Competitor analyses
  • On-page website & social media audits

Personal Branding

  • Professional and social media bios
  • Artist statements
  • LinkedIn builds, audits & training
  • Networking strategies

Creative Director for Designers

Are you a designer who is tired of flying solo on your creative projects? If you miss working with a team (and that second pair of eyes), let’s chat.

I frequently partner with designers to serve as their creative director on projects to help guide and define creative direction, oversee client reviews and riff on concepts and designs.

What people are saying about having a creative director on their side:

  • “I loved how organized and clear your direction was. Made things run so smooth!” —Mona, designer
  • “I couldn’t have done it without you!” —Deborah, project engineer
  • “I absolutely prefer working on projects with some outside creative direction and input. It takes some of the pressure off, and I always love having a second set of eyes to help define, refine and critique. You are great at this role!” —John, designer


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